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Behaviour & upbringing

How do Akitas behave among children and other dogs?

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American Akita: personality, maintenance & upbringing

Akitas are intelligent and strongheaded dogs. They’re thoughtful, curious and very loyal. Thanks to their hunting heritage, they’re still bound to track and chase anything that moves.

Akitas are usually rather imposing, with a considerable shoulder height and an average weight of 40 to 60 kg. Below, you’ll find some useful advice and interesting information about the dogs’ personality, how to care for them and how to raise them.

The American Akita is a confident and vigilant dog that quickly finds its place in a family. It’s also a dog that is suitable for children, but we still recommend an adult being present in the same room at all times. Like any other dog, Akitas need their own space. That allows them to relax if it gets too crowded or loud.

American Akitas are hunters, so it is best to keep an eye on small pets (e.g. rabbits, hamsters or birds) at all times. If you get a puppy, you can teach it not to hunt those animals. You can also teach an Akita to get along with cats, preferably by letting it grow up together with your cat.

Towards other dogs, however, the dog will not always be cheerful and he or she will sometimes assert himself. After all, an American Akita likes to impress and dominate. It will therefore not play nicely with other dogs. If you decide to get two Akitas, we recommend you opt for both a male and a female dog.

American Akitas need a lot of exercise. Therefore, it’s best to take them for a long walk in the woods or park once a day. Make sure that you don’t let your four-legged friend off the leash during these walks.

Because of their hunting instinct and their curiosity, they may – especially after the age of six months – dare to explore on their own. However, with the appropriate amount of training, you can take your Akita on bicycle trips and even teach it to obey commands.

Twice a year, Akitas shed their fur. That means that your dog can lose loads of hair. To catch that hair, you can comb your Akita regularly and wash your dog with a special shampoo. That will loosen the hair and the moulting period will be over sooner. In terms of general grooming, it’s important to have your dog’s nails clipped frequently as well.

Dogs can sense any tension in the family and that’s no different for American Akitas. They are very sensitive and need clear rules and boundaries. We recommend to have one owner who is consistent, guides them and rewards good behaviour.

You must be able to master your dog mentally rather than physically. We recommend that you take your four-legged friend to dog training and socialisation classes. That way, you create a bond with your Akita and learn to trust each other.

You can teach your Akita to stay at home alone as well. Slowly build up the time your dog spends on its own. As soon as you get back home, you can take your four-legged friend for a long walk and strengthen your bond even more.

Thanks to their calm and loyal nature, American Akitas are so much more than pets. They are used, among other things, as: 

  • Guide dogs for blind people
  • Rescuing dogs
  • Tracking dogs
  • Therapy dogs (e.g. for children, elderly & ill people)

However, they are unsuitable as police dogs. Feel free to contact us if you would like to get more information about the characteristics of American Akitas.

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